Interoliva’s History

Our beginnings go back in time up to the first years of the XX century, but we started our international trade activity around 30 years ago, becoming very soon becoming of the leading Spanish companies in the market.

  • Origins, Olive Storage: At same place we are located today, it was built an olive storage to accommodate the production of the surrounding olive farms.
  • First olive export to USA: Our first shipment took place in the early 1910’s to USA. Olives, placed in wooden barrels, were loaded at Sevilla’s port.
  • BEATRICE FOODS Joint Venture: A joint venture was established a joint venture between the Spanish owners and the US multinational corporation Beatrice Foods Inc. A packaging plant was built on site.
  • First Pitting/Stuffing machines: The R&D+I department developed the first pimiento paste process in the world. This advanced technique was copied since Interoliva did not patent the invention.
  • CARLOS JIMENEZ acquires 100% of INTEROLIVA’s stock: The company had different ownerships until Carlos Jimenez acquired the company. He developed a renewal process of the company, especially in quality, technology and R&D+I.
  • Ball Stuffing™ First Production: The R&D+I department developed the unique Ball Stuffing™ technique. This technology was patented worldwide.
  • Quality Certifications: This year Interoliva has achieved the highest quality certifications: BRC (Grade A), IFS, Organic Certification, ISO9002, Kosher, etc.
  • Olive Orchard renewal: Sanabria’s Farm went into a full renewal plan with a total investment of 10 million €.
  • Since January 12th of 2016, SAINBERG OLIVES COMPANY participates in INTEROLIVA’s shares through an increase in capital.
Corporate social responsability

The company is characterized by a long-term business approach which facilitates our commitment to sustainability. Corporate Social Responsability (CSR) involves the entire value chain. Accordingly, through sustainable practices we respect our natural resources, our people and our local region, and in so doing so meet the demands of consumers and customers.

Major environmental milestones achieved include:
A 10% reduction in water consumption.
A 12% reduction in CO2 emissions, by reducing fuel consumption.
A 9% reduction in energy consumption, per kilogram of olives packed.

Environmental management is both a responsibility and a vocation. The execution of this policy is based on an Environmental Management system in accordance with the ISO 14001:2004 standard which was established in 2009. Advances made since then, and several environmental awareness campaigns for employees and suppliers, have enabled the company to achieve major environmental milestones.

The company is committed to its human resource management and actions for the benefit of society in general. These social actions include various initiatives aimed at providing food for persons in need such as several non-profit organizations, with which we have been cooperating for many years to provide food for underprivileged persons.

We have also developed our own ethical standards, covering fair labor practices, transparency and anti-corruption policies.

As part of our effort to contribute to the quality of life of our customers by offering healthy and quality products, we are working on the reduction of sodium and unnecessary additives without a significant impact on product flavor and quality.

Mission and values

The mission of Internacional Olivarera, S.A. is to satisfy our customers’ needs while providing them with the highest quality natural food products.


SATISFY: To satisfy our customers’ and consumers’ needs.

OFFER: To offer high added value products and services.

ASSURE: To assure maximum quality in all facets of production and service.

RESPECT: To respect and build trust with our suppliers, customers and consumers.

PROTECT: To protect the environment and demonstrate good use of natural resources.

INNOVATE: To innovate in new products development as well as processes and services.

MOTIVATE: To motivate and develop our team of employees, in all aspects.

WORK: To work with the finest quality natural products.

COMMUNICATE: To communicate an apply our code of ethics as it applies to diverse culture, people and ideas.

CREATE: To create an atmosphere of excellence, competitiveness and efficiency in all areas of our business.

Quality assurance system

Our quality assurance system objectives are to ensure conformance with safety, legal and specified quality parameters; and to satisfy our customers’ prospects in safety, quality and price.

1. Hazard analysis.

HACCP (hazard analysis critical control point) identifies potential hazards at all stages of production and the control required to minimize or eliminate the risk presented.

2. Quality plan.

The quality plan is a simple plan, which summarizes all controls fundamental to the safe preparation of Interoliva’s products. It shows the product process flow with the critical control points and parameters for safety and quality.

3. The review of specifications and technical documents.

4. The quality assurance of raw material.

5. Product identification and traceability.

6. Good manufacturing practice.

7. Process monitoring and product analysis.

8. Calibration.

9. Status of in-process or partly processed material.

10. The handling of out-of-specification material or product.

11. Corrective action.

12. Storage and retrieval of process and analytical data.

13. Internal audits.

14. Yearly management review.

The purpose of the management review is to study the adequacy and effectiveness of the QA system in relation to:

  • The objectives and quality policy.
  • The requirements of the ISO 9001 standard.
  • Changes in the market conditions, regulations and technology.

The management review may lead to:

  • Amendments in the structure of the QA system.
  • Amendments in procedures, documents, records, etc.
  • Reconsider the quality policy and quality objectives.
  • Allocate the resources to ensure quality.
Ethical code


This document, approved by the Board of Directors of INTEROLIVA, contains the general principles of governance and professional conduct applicable to every person employed by INTEROLIVA and establishes the foundations of our Company’s corporate culture.

INTEROLIVA’s main goal is to produce and sell Mediterranean food products that delight and help preserve the health of the consumers, both in our domestic Spanish market as well as in every one of the countries in which they are offered for sale.

INTEROLIVA intends to preserve a relationship based on trust with all the social and economic stakeholders, that is, with all the people, institutions or Companies whose intervention is required to make our goal possible. These include our customers and the consumers of our products, our suppliers, our employees, the social agents interacting with our organization and our shareholders.

We propose and promote an ethical behavior that becomes the foundation of this relationship based on trust between INTEROLIVA and the above-mentioned stakeholders. As members of the INTEROLIVA organization, we consider that the reputation and good name of our Company is an essential intangible asset that facilitates this relationship.


This Code of Conduct is based upon the three following fundamental pillars:

The Ethical Principles that must guide any behavior or action taken by INTEROLIVA in general, as they may relate to any of our stakeholders among which we work to develop a relationship based on trust.
The Expected Behavior of INTEROLIVA’s employees, in particular, as they relate to each one of those stakeholders within their professional activities.
The Implementation Process that will strive to establish the training, evaluation and control systems to effectively deploy this Code of Conduct.

This Code of Conduct applies to every one of INTEROLIVA’s employees and associates. Furthermore, INTEROLIVA will promote among its suppliers and business partners the application of Ethical Principles consistent with those included in this Code.

This Code is applicable both in Spain and abroad, always taking into consideration the cultural, social and economic differences of the different countries in which INTEROLIVA operates.

This Code of Conduct must be made known and available to all employees through the communications channels used to access the information relevant to their activities within the Company. In particular, it will be available through the corporate intranet portal and INTEROLIVA’s web page.


4.1 Strict compliance with the applicable laws and respect for human rights.

Every employee will comply with all applicable laws, including any law, standard or regulation that is applicable in the countries to which our products are exported. In accordance with this, every action taken by INTEROLIVA or its employees will be in strict compliance with the law and respectful with human rights. INTEROLIVA will adopt all means necessary to guarantee respect for fundamental rights, equal opportunity and non-discrimination, protection against child labor and any other principle included in the UN ‘s Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the UN Global Compact’s universal principles on human rights, labor, environment and anticorruption.

Within their professional activity, every person or entity that cooperates with INTEROLIVA must respect the applicable laws, this Code of Conduct and the internal rules and procedures of INTEROLIVA.

4.2 Quality and excellence are our foundation.

INTEROLIVA orients its activities toward satisfying its customer’s needs, following up on all requests that may contribute to an improvement in the quality of the products or services we provide. It is also for this reason that INTEROLIVA’s efforts in R&D, marketing, manufacturing, packaging and logistics target the development of products that are differentiated by their excellent quality standard and customer service.

4.3 INTEROLIVA’s name and reputation as our best calling card.

INTEROLIVA has a solid reputation thanks to its ample experience and a team that is knowledgeable, loyal and committed to the Company and the values and know-how that make up the Company’s culture. Every one of our professionals must participate in the endeavor to maintain and even strengthen INTEROLIVA’s prestige and reputation.

4.4 Protecting and developing our People.

The people that make up INTEROLIVA’s team, our employees, are a key success factor.

INTEROLIVA promotes the professional development of its people, considering a balance between the Company’s needs and the needs and expectations of the employees. Similarly, INTEROLIVA promotes the permanent adaptation and development of the skills and competencies of its team.

Particularly, prevention and work related safety is a high priority for the Company, that is why INTEROLIVA is committed to deploy the means necessary to eliminate or mitigate work related hazards for every person working for the Company or within its premises.

4.5 Respect and commitment with the community and the environment.

INTEROLIVA is firmly committed to the protection of the environment and that is why it undertakes its activities under the premise of minimizing any negative environmental impact and avoiding contamination. INTERLIVA invests in research, development and innovative activities to improve its processes and promotes training and awareness among its employees about adequate environmental management.

4.6. Confidentiality and transparency in INTEROLIVA’s business relationships.

All of INTEROLIVA’s professionals will use the information received during the course of their activity with care, preserving its integrity and confidentiality and minimizing the risks of its improper use both internally and externally.

4.7. Managing Conflicts of Interest.

INTEROLIVA believes that the relationship with its employees must be based on loyalty stemming from common interests and principles. Conflicts of interest arise when personal interests of an employee or officer are, directly or indirectly, different or in conflict with the interests of the Company, they interfere with the proper discharge of their duties or involve them personally in a transaction with the Company.

Whenever possible employees and officers must avoid conflicts of interest. When such a conflict arises or an employee is faced with a situation that could result in a conflict of interest, this must be immediately communicated to his or her line manager or to the head of Human Resources.

INTEROLIVA has a Policy to help identify and manage conflicts of interest and establish the appropriate communication channels for these matters.

4.8. Respectful and strong Competitions.

INTEROLIVA is committed to respect free competition in the benefit of customers and consumers, we will comply strictly with antitrust laws in every market in which we operate and avoid any conduct that could constitute collusion, abuse of dominant position or any other that may restrict competition.

INTEROLIVA is committed to compete fairly and will not use information or publicity that could be deceitful or denigrating to the competition.

Infringing anti-trust laws in the markets and regions where INTEROLIVA offers its products for sale, in particular, the United States and Europe, can have severe consequences for the Company. Given the complexity of antitrust laws in the different jurisdictions, it is imperative that any contact held with a competitor is checked and approved by the legal department.

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5.1 Human Resources.

1. Hiring and professional development. INTEROLIVA avoids any kind of discrimination in relation to its employees. Within the scope of people selection, promotions or career development processes, decisions are based on merit. Access to specific positions or functions is established by taking into consideration personal competencies and capabilities. Additionally, whenever compatible with efficiency and productivity, a flexible organization that facilitates the conciliation of work and family will be favored.

2. Training. INTEROLIVA makes information and training tools available to all its employees with the purpose of assessing their skills and the develop of their professional competencies. The training programs respond to the Company’s needs and aims at the professional development of our people.

3. Gender equality. Every INTEROLIVA employee will be respectful of the right of equal treatment and equal opportunity between men and women. In general, they will actively promote the eradication of any direct or indirect discrimination based on gender and will actively defend the principle of equality between men and women on the jobsite and promote measures to conciliate work and family.

The principle of equal treatment and equal opportunity between women and men will be guaranteed in the selection processes, professional training, employment conditions and access to promotions. INTEROLIVA will adopt all necessary measures when faced with an action that constitutes or causes gender discrimination.

4. Health and Safety. INTEROLIVA declares its firm commitment to develop and implement an injury and illness prevention program that makes the protection of the health and safety of the employees its main goal and integrates prevention at all levels of the Company.

INTEROLIVA will adopt the necessary measures to eliminate or mitigate the identified hazards guaranteeing the compliance with applicable laws and regulations on this matter, promoting the participation of the workers in the process and the awareness of the importance of the prevention program in creating a safer work environment.

5. Integrity. INTEROLIVA is committed to protecting the moral integrity of its employees by guaranteeing the right to workplace conditions that are respectful of human dignity. In this regard, workers will be protected from acts of psychological violence and will fight any behavior that is discriminatory or damaging to a person, and his or her convictions or beliefs.

5.2 Interactions with Customers.

1. Honesty and professional responsibility. Every interaction with our customers must meet a high standard of honesty, transparency and professionalism, besides respecting any applicable regulations.

Thus, commitments must be honored, any known change, modification or alteration to any of the verbal or written agreements established with a customer must be communicated as early as possible, promoting transparency in the business relationship.

2. Contracts and promotional activities. Every contract and promotional activity that INTEROLIVA undertakes with a customer must be (i) clear and direct, (ii) in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, and (iii) complete, so that the customer has all the relevant information to make a fully informed decision.

INTEROLIVA is committed to avoiding any misleading publicity or false claim. The marketing, promotional and selling activity must be carried out offering the customers all the relevant information they need to make their decision.

3. Privacy and confidentiality. Sensitive information provided by our customers must be treated with absolute care and confidentiality and will only be provided to its rightful owners and internally on a need to know basis and with appropriate authorizations and controls.

Commercial negotiations with customers will be carried out, when appropriate, in a format and environment that can guarantee the privacy and confidentiality of the discussions and the data and documentation provided.

4. Conflicts of interest. Any special relationship (economic, family or any other type) between our customers and the people on the INTEROLIVA team can alter the independence in decision making and could pose a risk resulting from the conflicting interests between the person and the Company.

Thus, whenever these circumstances arise, the situation must be communicated to INTEROLIVA as indicated by the existing Conflicts of Interest policy.

5. Gifts, presents and other offerings. INTEROLIVA will not make or accept any gift, present or other offering that could be interpreted as exceeding common courtesy. In particular, any form of gift or offering to a customer or an employee of a customer that could possibly interfere with his or her independence when selecting a supplier or that could induce a preferred treatment for INTEROLIVA or its employees and managers is strictly prohibited.

INTEROLIVA will always abide by the laws and regulations of the territories where it operates and comply with the Codes of Conduct or Codes of Ethics of its commercial partners whenever they are known.

Any gift provide by INTERLIVA will be only of symbolic value and intended to promote its brand image.

6. Managing Complaints. The professionals at INTEROLIVA are committed to respond, address, channel internally and eventually resolve any claim or complaint presented by a customer; with the understanding that addressing, resolving and eliminating the root causes identified as underlying the instances of customer dissatisfaction will lead to an improved quality of our products and services.

7. Business opportunities. The employees of INTEROLIVA will not use its name or their position in the Company to carry out any personal business; this includes businesses involving related persons.

No employee or administrator of INTEROLIVA will carry out in his or her own benefit or in the benefit of related persons any transaction linked to INTEROLIVA’s assets or any other transaction presented in the course of their professional activities at INTEROLIVA without the express authorization of the Company.

5.3 Interactions with suppliers, vendors and agents.

1. Selecting suppliers and vendors. The processes to select suppliers and vendors must aim at improving quality and competitiveness while guaranteeing equal opportunity to all qualified parties.

In this regard, INTEROLIVA will not deny any applicant meeting the required criteria the chance to compete for the supply products or services and will apply objective and transparent decision criteria when selecting the winner.

2. Relationships with suppliers. The relations with our suppliers must be governed by equal principles and be subject to strict quality controls by INTEROLIVA to ensure compliance and excellence. Contracts with suppliers will always be transparent and avoid any form of economic dependence.

3. Relationship with commercial agents. INTEROLIVA considers commercial agents as a key element of its commercial strategy and often, the corporate image of the Company will be intimately related to the professional behavior of the agents. That is why INTEROLIVA will demand the awareness and strict compliance with this Code of Conduct from every authorized agent representing the Company in any country and will act expediently in case of non-compliance.

4. Independence. The purchase of goods or services will be carried out, at any level, with complete independence in decision-making. Any relationship, be it economical, familial or of any other type must be managed taking into consideration paragraph 4.7 above and the existing Conflict of Interests policy.

5. Gifts, presents and other offerings. The prohibition give or accept gifts established in paragraph 5.2.5 above will also apply to the interactions with INTEROLIVA’s vendors and suppliers. This prohibition will apply to every employee or officer of INTEROLIVA. The purchasing departments will be especially alert in avoiding these practices.

5.4 Interactions with government agencies and officials.

1. Integrity and compliance with the law.

The business activities of INTEROLIVA require frequent interactions with the government, its agencies and its officials. The guiding principle for these interactions will always be strict compliance with the applicable laws and regulations.

2. Truthful information. The information given to the government agencies and officials will be truthful, complete, updated and will adequately reflect the Company’s situation. This principle will apply particularly to all financial information.

3. Gifts, presents and other offerings. The prohibition to make or accept gifts established in paragraph 5.2.5 and 5.3.5 above will also apply to the interactions with government agencies and officials.

INTEROLIVA will not give or accept any gift, present or other offering from government officials that could be interpreted as exceeding common courtesy.

In particular, any form of gift or offering to Spanish or foreign government official, inspector or auditor that could possibly interfere with his or her independence or that could induce a preferred treatment for INTEROLIVA or its employees and managers is strictly prohibited.

5.5 Commitment with the Community and the Environment.

Environmental Policy. INTEROLIVA has an environmental policy that cements our commitment to a sustainable industrial development, in compliance with the environmental regulations of the territories in which we operate. This policy is well supported by the awareness of the competitive advantage that being respectful to the environment brings in a market that is increasingly better informed and demanding in matters of quality and respect for natural resources.

5.6 Relations with our shareholders.

1. Creating long-term value for our shareholders. Delivering a reasonable return on our shareholders’ investment and generating long-term value for them is one of the key objectives for INTEROLIVA. Business and financial strategies are set in this light.

2. Truthful Information. The information given to our shareholders will be truthful, complete, updated and will adequately reflect the Company’s situation. This principle will apply particularly to all financial information.

5.7 Obligation to consult and inform.

Should an employee or associate of INTEROLIVA have any doubt about a specific action, he or she has the obligation to consult with the resources available for this matter. In a first instance, the issue must be brought to his or her line manager. In case the response given by line management does not fully resolve the doubts or when for any reason it is deemed inappropriate to subject the question to the line manager, the issue must be brought to the Compliance Officer (see section 6).

All the employees and associates of INTEROLIVA that are aware of an action that is or could be in violation of the present Code of Conduct have the obligation to bring it to the attention of management or the Compliance Officer so that adequate corrective actions can be undertaken.


INTEROLIVA will appoint a Compliance Officer that will advise the Board of Directors in the matters related to promoting ethical behavior and compliance with the present Code of Conduct in the Company. When for whatever reason the Compliance Officer is not available, the Board of Directors will assume directly its duties.

6.1 Duties.

The Compliance Officer will have the following duties:

Overlook the application of the Code of Conduct through control activities aimed at continuous improvement on this matter.
Receive and investigate any allegations of misconduct.
Implement the necessary training actions to ensure the Code of Conduct is fully understood by INTEROLIVA’s employees and associates.
Decide how to deal with violations of the Code of Conduct, proposing, when appropriate, sanctions and disciplinary actions.
6.2 Training.

This Code of Conduct is communicated to all employees and associates through specific training sessions and will always be available through the intranet and INTEROLIVA’s web page.

In order to ensure the correct understanding of this Code of Conduct at all levels, there will be an annual training program specifically aimed at promoting the understanding of the ethical principles underpinning this Code.

6.3 Confidential Communications Channel.

INTEROLIVA will establish a confidential communications channel through which any employee or associate can inform about any act that could be in violation of the present Code of Conduct. This channel can also be used to clarify any doubts related to these matters.

INTEROLIVA will guarantee the confidential treatment of any information received through this channel and ensure there is no retaliation for using it.

6.4 Violations of this Code of Conduct.

The Compliance Officer will issue periodic reports about the violations of the Code of Conduct detected by any means (allegations, audits, self disclosure…) and will make suggestions as to the necessary corrective or disciplinary actions:

In the most relevant cases, the Board of Directors will decide.
In all other cases, the Managing Director.
Nobody, regardless of rank or position is authorized to ask an employee or associate of INTEROLIVA’s to undertake an action that is illegal or in violation of the present Code of Conduct.