The ball stuffing™

Interoliva’s Worldwide Patent

Originally, the olive stuffing process was completely artisan. However, high costs and sanitary conditions led to the mechanization of stuffing olives. This change was then followed by a substitution of natural pimiento paste strips in 1973.

Internacional Olivarera’s R&D team, not completely satisfied with the current system, worked diligently to address the inadequacies found in the olive stuffing process. After several years of research, that goal was achieved with the innovative development of our Ball Stuffing™.


Ball stuffing process® does not need to be as flexible as Strip stuffing, therefore we can use more natural pimiento.


As a result of using more natural pimiento, the Ball stuffing process® tastes better than Strip stuffing. This fact also gives the olive stuffing a better colour, that is why our stuffing is reddish when compared to strip stuffing.


Another advantage of using our world patented Ball stuffing process® is that our stuffing protects the olives when they are in the jars. Therefore, our jars of stuffed olives have a fewer number of empty olives.


This entire process is mechanized; the chart flow shows its sanitary conditions. This product is being produced under all the quality certifications.

Less Olives Breakage

When the olives are inside the jars, they are protected from squeezing each other in the filling stage. That is why we see less breakage in the fruit when using the Ball stuffing process®.

Clear Brine

Due to our full filled cavity concept, there is less sediment in our olives’ brine, therefore it is very clear and the olives can easily be seen in the jars.


The Ball stuffing process® can be used with all different stuffing products. That is why our catalog is so extensive, from pimiento stuffed olives to ginger stuffed olives.