INTEROLIVA vs Covid-19. Count on us.

To fight the health crisis caused by the Covid-19, INTEROLIVA has adopted multiple measures in order to ensure the safety of our staff, customers and suppliers. We have adopted to our normal activity, all the security measures recommended by Spain Secretary of Health, to keep our full activity operational and under the maximum protection levels. INTEROLIVA’s staff,…

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Sial Paris 2018

Our experience in SIAL Paris 2018 could not have been better. We received the visit of most of our clients, both from Europe and the rest of the world. In addition, we could meet companies interested in testing our products and take a little bit of the essence of our olives to their countries. For…

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Congratulations Rodolfo!

Rodolfo Jimenez, Interoliva’s production line supervisor, just wrapped up the Everesting Challenge, which was to climb the cumulative in the same port, it costs or ramp the 8848m that has the great mountain Everest in the same day. For this he had to ascend eleven times the mythical port of Las Palomas, in the Sierra de Cádiz…

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The state of the art olive orchard

The need for a sustainable water use in agriculture has impelled the scientific community and INTEROLIVA to develop new methods for monitoring water stress. The three plant-based methods allow for non-destructive, automatic and continuous data recording and are easily implemented with data transmission systems for a nearly real time access to the collected records from a remote computer.

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