Although olives are a staple in the healthy Mediterranean diet, and although table olives are not in the main food groups responsible for salt intake, INTEROLIVA works in salt reduction reformulation programs, implementing salt reduction initiatives. With this reformulation, INTEROLIVA has produced the very first, unique and real LOW SODIUM olives according to EU Regulation or VERY LOW SODIUM olives under US FDA.


Traffic light food labels were first introduced in the UK with the aim of providing consumers with a clearer indication about the amount of salt, sugar or fat contained in the products they buy. They are red, amber or green based on the number of specific nutrients, allowing the consumer to quickly decide which product to choose. Looking for foods which have more green and amber and no red traffic light gets the healthiest option. Interoliva’s new product has the one and only salt green traffic light for olives in the market:


Multiples references point out that Potassium Salt is beneficial to health. Potassium offsets the negative effects of Sodium and optimizes cardiovascular health. INTEROLIVA is committed to providing our customers the solution to help reach sodium reduction and potassium enrichment targets, and once we have gotten the real Low Sodium / Very Low Sodium olives, we help improve nutrition increasing potassium through product re-formulation with Potassium Salt (Salt for Life ®), nature´s alternative salt.

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