In the south of Spain, the hearth of European vegetable cultivation, Internacional Olivarera, S.A., established in XIX century, grow, produces, packages and commercializes olives and a wide selection of Mediterranean products to all continents. Our aim, as a vertically integrated company, is to assure the maximum quality standards and innovate in new products development as well as processes and services. See more

From field to the table

Sanabria is the Interoliva’s olive orchard. Located in Sevilla. It’s 5 miles away from Interoliva’s processing and packaging plant. An innovated Table Olive farm, pemanently participates in severals EU farming researchs. See more

Slide 1972 1973 1979 1980 1992 2000 2005 2007 2008 2012 Development and patenting of a pre-cut strip cutting device. These are the beginnings of the mechanization of the olive filling process. Invention of the world’s first olive filling machine using crushed pepper paste with sodium alginate and guar gum. Interoliva technicians developed and patented a worldwide ball-shaped paste forming system. Creation of the first olive filling machine using the pepper paste ball formation system. Development and patenting of the world’s fastest de-pitting and filling machine for olives. Launch of twenty fillings of various natural products, using the patented Ball Stuffing ™ system. Invention of the first machine for the prevention of contamination of glass fragments in the finished product. Interoliva invented a methodology for assessing the economic and environmental performance of our wastewater reuse systems that involve water upgrading. Interoliva developed a completely new and innovative production method to produce low sodium olives, with less than 0,12% sodium content. Following years of research Interoliva developed a wide range of stuffed black olives.

Safety and quality is our aim. We have achieved the highest quality standards. Robust quality management system to ensure the supply of safe and top quality products: BRC-Grade A+, ISO9001:2008 or Organic Agricultural Production certificated. Top quality standars Robust quality management system to ensure the supply of top quality products. See more

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Interoliva presents its innovative intelligent irrigation system. INSIGHTS INNOVATION · olive orchard Finger lickin’ organic olives. INSIGHTS NEW PRODUCTS · PACKAGING Launching our new corporate identity. INSIGHTS CORPORATE · DESIGN Interoliva thinks in green. INSIGHTS ENVIRONMENT