Interoliva is celebrating the start-up of a new waste treatment plant, that represents great achiements in the environmental field. This installed plant consists of three stages:

  1. A dynamic rotary separator in which the solids are filtered and extracted.
  2. An accumulation and homogenization tank, to which the water waste from the general plant and the packaging plant arrives, and in which the discharges are homogenized. It also Controls conductivity and pH.
  3. Degreasing: by flotation, with a system of microbubbles, the addition of cationic polyelectrolyte, and mechanical separation of fat.

Once the industrial effluents are treated, they are mixed with the domestic ones from the offices and poured into the municipal network.

A series of actions, including the improvement of a spill treatment plan, have been carried out to help minimize the environmental impact.

The following has been incorporated into the homogenization process:

  • A storage and homogenization tank: installation of mixing eductors to improve the homogenization of the two fluids.
  • Control systems through using the automation of conductivity and pH readings.
  • Mechanical dosing, of additives for the preparation of the final discharge within authorized parameters.

In order to treat the waste independently, and so arrives at the tank in a more favorable condition for treatment, a pre-homogenization treatment process has been installed in each plant.

This facilitates the emission of discharges under laminar conditions and a more constant flow over time. These pre-treatment systems have, in turn, installed corresponding automatic parameter control systems and automatic additive dosing.